Utkal University of Culture

Established in 1999, Utkal University of Culture is a teaching cum affiliating university. Through its philosophy it aims to preserve, promote, propagate and protect the cultural richness  of the region through research, documentation and continuing education.

Mission of Utkal University of Culture

The University seeks to spread the benefits of culture and education. The mission is to evolve policies and programmes which would enable to make the University a distinct one by fostering our composite culture through qualitative expansion of academic studies and researches. Such activities would necessarily focus on various relevant and frontier areas of culture and development. The core objective is to inculcate in the minds of the future generation, a world perspective with a visible, Perceptible local identity through comprehensive dissemination and arousing of cultural consciousness.

Departments of Utkal University of Culture

Post Graduate Programmes in Utkal University of Culture

  • M.A. in Culture Studies
  • M.A. in Buddhist Studies
  • M.A. in South and South-East Asian Studies
  • M.A. in Cultural Heritage and Conservation
  • M.V.A. in Painting
  • M.V.A. in Print Making
  • M.A. in Linguistics
  • M.V.A. in Art-History
  • M.V.A. in Sculpture
  • M.V.A. in Applied Art & Design
  • M.P.A. in Odissi Vocal
  • M.P.A. in Hindustani Vocal
  • M.P.A. in Odissi Dance
  • M.P.A. in Mardal
  • M.P.A. in Tabla
  • M.P.A. in Flute
  • M.P.A. in Sitar
  • M.P.A. in Drama (Direction)
  • M.P.A. in Drama (Acting)
  • M.P.A. in Drama (Stage Craft)
  • M.P.A. in Chhau Dance
  • Master of Tourism and Travel Management
  • Master of Hotel Management
  • P.G. Diploma in Textile Design (Leading to Master’s Programme)
  • P.G. Diploma in Animation (Leading to Master’s Programme)
  • Certificate Course in Jain Religion and Philosophy
  • Certificate Course in Tamil Language

Bachelor Programmes in Utkal University of Culture

  • Bachelor of Performing Art
  • Bachelor in Visual Art
  • Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design
  • Bachelor Degree in Interior Design
  • Bachelor Degree in Textile Design
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor in Tourism and Travel Management

MPhil in Utkal University of Culture

  • M.Phil Programme in Odissi Dance
  • M.Phil Programme in Hindustani Vocal
  • M.Phil Programme in Odissi Vocal
  • M.Phil Programme in Applied Art and Design
  • M.Phil Programme in Instrumental Music (Tabla, Mardal, Violin, Flute, Sitar)
  • M.Phil Programme in Painting
  • M.Phil Programme in Drama

Phd in Utkal University of Culture

University is conducting Ph.D. Programmes under Faculty of Culture Studies, Faculty of Visual Art, Faculty of Performing Art and Faculty of Language and Literature. For more on PhD program, click here

For the  list of affiliated colleges, click here

Library of Utkal University of Culture

The University brings out research publications and reprints of rare books and manuscripts related to the culture of the region. The Utkal University of Culture Library was established in 1999 and has more than 10,000 reference books and 1200 journals. The Library is completely housed in its own building inside the campus. The Library also caters to the needs of all types of readers by borrowing books/journals/Photo copies of non-loan able articles and journals from National and Libraries on Inter-Library loan basis. 

Utkal University of Culture
Sanskruti Vihar, Madanpur
Bhubaneswar – 752054
Odisha, India
Phone – 0674 – 2972312, 2972313, 2972314
E-mail : mailboxuuc@gmail.com

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